Meet Daksha Patel
Here's a question I often ask business clients:
What’s the most important thing to you in your business?

1. Retention and well-being of your staff?

2. Individual and team performance leading to over achievement?

3. Bottom line?
I believe that the one key factor that will massively impact on all of the above is ‘RESILIENCE’. I work with businesses and organisations to build resilience in you, your staff and your business so that you can achieve all of the above. 

The First Step is to engage in a FREE Discovery Session designed to see how I can support you! 

The Second Step is to engage in a half day strategy session to determine how your needs can be met.
I’m passionate about inspiring change from the inside out.
My ‘Vision’ is to support individuals to accept, believe and recognise that by awakening the conscious mind, you develop self-awareness and self-leadership skills that build resilience. 

My "Big Why" is to support driven and motivated business owners, senior leaders and teams within organisations to create healthy mindsets, transform stress and build emotional resilience so that you can achieve the results you want.

My "How" is through providing consultancy, training and coaching to support you:
  •  Become self-aware of the thoughts, actions and emotions that get in the way of your individual and team performance
  •  Build emotional resilience so you can improve personal effectiveness
  •  Create high performing teams who understand and support each other to deliver your business goals and bottom line
What about you? Where are you now?
  •  Perhaps you run a business and you want to develop a high performing team, retain your staff and support their well-being.
  •  Maybe you're a senior leader or manager in an organisation
  •  Or you're responsible for leading a team or change management within a business.
You’re committed, passionate, motivated and you work long hours. Yet you’re feeling frustrated, disappointed and overwhelmed with the lack of personal progress or under performance of your team. 
Why, then aren’t you achieving your RESULTS? 
As an individual, you may be thinking If only you could create the right mindset, take the required action, change your habits, better manage your energy levels, have more time, stop sabotaging yourself, be more resilient and stop feeling so stressed, you would achieve your goals.

As a team leader, you may be thinking if only you could develop positive and supportive behaviours, communicate more effectively with each other, be more engaged, work more collaboratively, focus on the solutions rather than the problems and be more creative then the results would follow.
Here’s What I Will Help You With, Specifically
My main focus is to help you develop emotional resilience. In order to do this, I help you to understand: 
  •  What is emotional resilience?
  •  How resilience supports your performance and how stress sabotages your effectiveness?
  •  How to use your amazing brain to develop resilience?
  •  How your subconscious mind sabotages your performance without you even realising it?
  •  How personality profile assessments can develop greater team performance and relationships with clients?
  •  How to use simple and effective tools to develop individual and team resilience 
I do all the above and more through my short and long term programmes, working with you and your team face to face. 
I have over 25 years’ experience working as a senior manager, trainer and coach in public sector organisations and within a management consultancy remit delivering results. Driven by a real passion for working with people to change habits and behaviours, transform stress, build resilience and improve personal effectiveness by using practices based on neuroscience and demonstrating new ways of working.

My work is also supported by the following accreditation's:
What this means is that I’m certified to deliver the work of Dr Joe Dispenza into businesses and organisations. You can find me on his official website. 
I support individuals and teams within businesses and organisations to harness the power of the brain and increase personal effectiveness. By identifying how current thinking and behaviours present within businesses and organisations can be limiting and then working with people to develop new ways of thinking and behaviours, leading to improved personal performance, greater resilience, focus, creativity, health and well-being which deliver results.

Who is Dr Joe Dispenza? He is a really cool neuroscientist and you can find out more about his work at www.drjoedispenza.com
What this means is that I use really unique technology to show you how my amazing tools really do make a difference when it comes helping you transform stress and build resilience.
I am a certified People Code trainer and able provide in depth feedback on your personality profile and share how it can help you to understand your innate personality and the effect that has on your team relationships, decisions and actions.
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