My Personal Journey
Life so far, has taken me on a journey that has been very different to the one I imagined when I was younger. You see, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. I was really good at art and loved sewing clothes. Having grown up in a typical Asian family being ‘successful’ meant working in a Bank or being a Doctor. I ended up being neither.
I am the only daughter and spent most of my younger years fighting for equal rights so that I could do all the things that my three brothers did and more. This of course meant life was never easy growing up. I had to fight to go to university, I resisted having an arranged marriage and I was determined to move as far away as possible from Birmingham when I got my first job. My parents were not happy and I technically became the ‘black sheep’ of the family.

When I started my working career as a NHS Management Trainee in Manchester, I really struggled, being a shy, unconfident and naive individual. However I was also incredibly lucky having a mentor for two years and having access to lots of leadership and management training. I knew deep down that my real passion was in the field of personal development and growth.

As my confidence grew I worked my way up the NHS career ladder working as an Assistant Director and then I got enticed into the world of management consultancy. At the time it was the most exciting and most stressful time in my career and I was in complete denial until one day I fainted at work. That was my first wake up call.

I went on to work as an interim Head of Service at a local authority, became self employed overnight and found myself on a very steep learning curve. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, I decided to start my own training and coaching business on a part time basis.

Yet again I was faced with the stress of being self employed and establishing a business. I was overcome with feelings of frustration, insecurity, disappointment, overwhelmed, battling with my limiting beliefs and befriended procrastination.

When I thought I had hit rock bottom, I came across the work of Dr Joe Dispenza, who talked about a model of change that he explained from a neurological and biological perspective.

I realised why I felt so stuck with establishing my business (and in my personal life). Even though I was trying to stay positive, I wasn’t addressing the underlying causes. It’s like being diagnosed with an illness where you only address the symptoms and not the cause. When you do this, the illness is likely to come back and more frequently.

The more I studied his work the more I realised that this information was a complete game changer. I had found the missing piece of the jigsaw. With my new found knowledge I finally understood how my thoughts, actions and emotions were creating my personal reality and the worst thing was that it was happening unconsciously. How can you possibly begin to fix something that you aren’t even aware of? The short answer is, you can’t!

When you become conscious of how you think, act and feel you can choose to challenge and change your thinking and create a new personal reality. Alternatively, you can do nothing and create more of the same reality and secretly hope that somehow your life will be different.

I now happily live in Nottingham and have an arsenal of tools and strategies that I use on a daily basis to navigate life’s challenges and create the life I want to live. The most exciting part is that I established "Your Mind at Work" to share my knowledge and expertise, by working with individuals and teams, to transform stress, build resilience and align mindset with business goals and values.
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