“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor E. Frankl

What My Clients Say…
“The Change Your Mind… Create New Results workshop addressed my concerns about juggling family, demanding job, home life-with an ever growing lists of things I should have done. It gave an explanation of why I felt this way, and how to change my way of thinking which in turn could change my behaviour.

The mixture of science, supportive environment and practical tools to change the way of thinking, made it without a doubt, the best, most enlightening and useful course I have ever attended. Daksha was the perfect facilitator” 
Cath Lewis – Service Manager Leicester City Council      
“Before I started working with Daksha, I wasn’t in a great place. I was going through a divorce, juggling three children and trying to start my own business. I felt I wasn’t doing anything very well and was struggling to keep my head above water.

When I began working with Daksha she helped me to focus on the important things, she built up my confidence and gave me the skills to deal with the obstacles in front of me. With in depth questionnaires, we identified the type of person I was (a fascinating exercise!) and what my priorities are which then led to strategies I could use to face situations in a positive ways. The coaching that Daksha has given me has turned my life around. She has made me realise that I am doing a brilliant job in my personal life and given me the ability to look positively to the future both in my personal life and with my new business. I feel great!

I would definitely recommend Daksha to anyone but you need to be very open to new ideas and be prepared to rethink how you look at life.

I am incredibly grateful to Daksha for the coaching she has given me. I am excited to learn more about the approach of Dr Joe Dispenza and incorporate it more in my life."
Sarah Moore          
HearthMath Coaching - "I thoroughly enjoyed each session I had with Daksha and found them very insightful.
The sessions made me assess how I was behaving on a daily basis and how I can cope with difficult situations, whether they are small or big, using the techniques Daksha showed. The techniques are so simple but the benefits you receive are amazing.

You can do these exercises at work, sitting at your desk or even whilst driving. Each session with Daksha was very clear and concise and I always felt at ease and calm and much more knowledgeable after each session.

Daksha has a real gift in teaching, with her calm and professional manner, she puts you at ease and really helps you understand the work you are doing and the benefits you’ll receive. If, at any point, I did not understand anything, Daksha would always follow this up with a really good example.

I would highly recommend Daksha to anyone looking to have any of her training sessions. I’m already thinking of booking more sessions on other courses Daksha provides.

I really feel this has helped me in my personal and professional life in handling situations and being mindful of my behaviors and responses.

Thank you Daksha for showing me how to lead a more fulfilling life."
Rina – London
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